All Because of You (Lakeview #2)

All Because Of You


Tara Harrington's life seems perfect - a successful career as a life coach, the flashy sports car to match, and a happy home with Glenn. But when her difficult younger sister Emma announces she's pregnant, and refuses to divulge who the father is, suspicions are aroused all round. Tara's best friend Liz's fairytale husband, Eric, suddenly doesn't seem so Prince Charming any more, and their dream move from the city to the country isn't working out as planned. But can Tara help her friend through it?

Glamorous London PR girl Natalie has everything she ever wanted - except a husband. And when Tara agrees to coach her in landing the latest 'man of her dreams', the two women soon find they have more in common than either had imagined.

Can Tara make it on her own? Will Liz secure her family idyll in the country? And will Natalie finally find love with a man who deserves her? (Summary and book cover courtesy of


This was a solid chick lit book that I wasn’t disappointed in, but I wasn’t particularly wow-ed by.  There were definitely some plot twists at the end of the story that provided a “big reveal”, but I was a little disturbed by what they were.  I wanted to kick Emma in the butt as well; she was a spoiled brat (yes, I know that’s the point), but she really got under my skin.

The dynamic between Tara and Natalie was better and they kept the story intriguing for me.  I enjoyed their relationship and “small world” moment.  While overall a very good story I think ultimately I was just tired of drama by the end of the book.  I definitely liked "The Heartbreak Cafe" more (and subsequent books in the series!) so I guess it was just this one that wasn't for me.

Rating: 3 stars!

Who should read it? Chick lit fans looking for a light beach read or Melissa Hill devotees.

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