Duke City Hit (Duke City Trilogy #2)

Duke City Hit


According to Vic Walters, the secret to happiness is low overhead and few demands. Living rent-free in a modest bachelor pad behind his boss’s house, he has no debts, no entanglements, and no expensive relationships. He works just a few days a month, but his bank accounts keep growing.

Vic is a high-priced hitman with a legendary record of success. That is, until someone starts eliminating his marks before he can get to them . . . until his manager puts him in the middle of a vicious drug-cartel feud . . . and until a young man walks into his life with a big .45 and a startling revelation.

For Vic Walters, it’s time to step out of the shadows. Which means it’s killing time in Duke City.(Summary and book cover courtesy of goodreads.com)


This was a fun and quick mystery that was set in an interesting town.  Many hitmen books can come off a little cheesy, but Vic is realistic, specific in his preferences and entertaining.  He had a specific look that I like and that added a depth to the book to me.  Once Ryan was introduced, I enjoyed that he set Vic just a little off-kilter, but it helped them both.

As many people have mentioned in reviews, Max Austin has a great writing style.  He strikes a great balance between brevity and description and I definitely stayed up late to finish the book.  I particularly love novel/novellas that have a twist at the end.   Though a sequel to “Duke City Split”, “Duke City Hit” can definitely be read as a stand-alone.  I will certainly go back and read the first when I have a chance! 
Warning: Contains violence and swearing.

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review courtesy of TLC Book Tours.

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Fans of mystery novels looking for a “light” version with action.

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