The Vampire’s Pet (The Vampyr #1)

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Eric Logan is twenty-one, a physics major at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, and a geek. All he wants is to make it through college in one piece. If he can find a woman to share his life with, well, all the better, but he doesn't hold out much hope of that happening. He's learned the hard way that women find shy, safe men too boring to keep around for long.

While attending a party with his friend Devin, Eric meets the vampire Elizabet, who offers him a spot in her stable of blood slaves. Not long after, the lovely Gianna Brady walks into his life. With her in his heart and a job as a vampire's pet, Eric finally has the life and love he's always wanted and is eager to begin his journey through the hidden society he's now a part of, a society where blood and sex are used to cement alliances and control the violent nature of the beast within.

The world of the Vampyr isn't as easy to navigate as it appears, however, and Eric is soon lost in a whirlwind of obstacles and complications. Devin isn't content with the friendship Eric craves; Marco, Elizabet's favorite, has plans for his mistress' newest pet that Eric isn't keen on fulfilling; and the vampire queen needs a strong ally. As he struggles to find his place in this new world, Eric is pushed to the limits of his humanity and wonders if he'll ever find his way back to it again, or if the monster he's becoming will consume him and everyone he loves in its thirst for power and blood.

Author's note: Contains all six of the previously released episodes, compiled into one novel.  (Summary and book cover courtesy of


This is a book/series that makes “50 Shades of Grey” look quite tame in many ways so if that isn’t up your alley, stop reading now!

 In this book, Cummings manages to create a unique twist on vampires involving copious amounts of sex and blood.  And readers be warned: the sex covers the gamut of hetero, man-on-man, threesomes and light BDSM.  I was not quite sure what I was getting into even with a warning from the author!  Might not have been the best choice of books to read on the airplane…

Warnings aside, this was a fun book to read particularly because it was non-traditional and different for me.  The characters were intriguing and the non-sexual plot was interesting in its own right.  This wasn’t a book with two dimensional characters thrown in steamy situations, but rather sexual characters who are trying to juggle the changes thrown their way.  I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to people who don’t like reading erotica as that is a significant aspect of the story, but I think it was very well-done.   Undecided on whether I’ll read “The New Vampire” series next, but I’ll probably read them an episode at a time.  That’ll keep it from being an overload!

Warning: Contains excessive explicit sexual content and non-traditional pairings.

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review courtesy of the author.

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Folks looking for “50 Shades of Grey” meets “The Vampire Academy” and then some

Want to read the whole series?  This is the whole series! At least for “The Vampire’s Pet” series (contains episodes 1-6).