The Antithesis: Decus Beta



Sanctum is lost. The angels have won.

Regent Qaira Eltruan is cornered. Surrender or stand to lose everything--everything being Advisor Leid Koseling and his sanity. 

As his people await news of their fate, the Court of Enigmus circles Sanctum, ready to deal swift punishment for Leid's contract breach. All fronts look bleak, and now there's much more at stake than Qaira's world.

Except Qaira isn't willing to hand Leid over, nor is surrender part of his vocabulary. 

All bets are off in this stunning conclusion of Decus.  (Summary and book cover courtesy of


In this book, Whiteman finishes the story begun in “Decus Alpha” and Qaira/Alezair’s remaining memories.  I have to say; I’m going to need to take a slight mental break after this one.  In the same way that I had to occasionally take breaks during the “A Song of Fire and Ice”, I was emotionally fatigued after reading “The Antithesis: Decus Alpha”.  Whiteman’s story unflinchingly chronicles the history of Sanctum and it’s certainly not always pretty.  She does a fantastic job having each character react realistically even though I was occasionally hoping they would act counter to their nature.

At the end, Qaira/Alezair “wakes up” from having his memories restored and we get a glimpse back to ‘real’ time.  I am both excited and leery of what’s next in the series.  Will Leid’s alter ego return?  Will Yahweh and Lucifer be able maintain their friendship?  I’m still holding out hoping that Leid and Qaira/Alezair will get their happy ending!

Warning: Repeated explicit violence

Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it? Science fiction fans with a G.R.R. Martin twist, but I’d highly recommend the starting with the first in the series.

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