Jenny Plague-Bringer (The Paranormals #4)



Jenny has survived in seclusion for the past year, but her peace is about to be shattered by two new paranormals, each of them with unknown intentions, both of them searching for Jenny and Seth.

The nightmares of Jenny’s most recent past life in the 1930’s erupt into the present, and she will face enemies old and new. Jenny is more vulnerable than ever, because she can’t use her pox without risking the small life now growing inside her.

Jenny’s entire life has led up to the challenge she must now face, one that will endanger her life, her unborn child, and her own soul. (Summary and book cover courtesy of


In this final book in the Paranormals series, I felt like all my lingering questions were answered.  Bryan does a fantastic job weaving the past and present in an effective story telling without slowing down the plot too much.  One thing Bryan is particularly skilled at is having realism interspersed with the fantasy world.  For example, the CDC was involved in the cleanup and investigation in the first three novels.  Again Bryan continues that trend in Jenny’s struggle to manage the memories of a dozen previous lifetimes that include horrible endings.  It only seems realistic that she is waiting for the second shoe to drop her seemingly happy ending. 

In this book, Seth grows to be a solid rock I respect more than in previous books.  Add in some new characters and it’s a recipe for chaos.  This is an action-packed intense book that I highly recommend to finish the series!

Warning: Contains horror and violence

Rating: 4 stars!

Who Should Read it?  Fans of fantasy in a contemporary setting or horror. 

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