The Perfect Raisin & Pretzel Cousins Club

Perfect Raisin


"The Perfect Raisin and Pretzel Cousins Club" is a tale of cousins who decide to form a club. They are part of a blended family and are all very different little "raisins" or "pretzels". The original club members face questions and concerns about allowing new members who are different from them to join their club. 

They have to discover that being different is not only OK but also fun to add to the mix. You will love learning with these cute raisins and pretzels! You can be in the club too!

Enjoy the book and look for more adventures of the Raisin and Pretzel Cousins Club in the future. (Summary and book cover courtesy of


I don’t normally do reviews for children’s books, but this was a unique idea that I thought was worthwhile.  Children’s books are just starting to portray non-traditional families and this is a perfect example.  The story portrays a blended family and how children realize they are more alike than different.  What made it so enjoyable was that each child is a “raisin” or “pretzel” so it could be applicable to wide range of families with varying differences.  I’d highly recommend this to parents of young children to encourage them to see how we are all more alike than not!

As an added bonus, having read books to kids before and knowing how they get on kicks, this is a book I believe I could re-read many times in a row before it'd get tedious for me.

The book is not available everywhere yet, but if you'd like a copy you can order it here.

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review from the author.

Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it? Kids! Parents trying to reinforce differences are ok and/or blended families.

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