Growing up, Liz Prince wasn't a girly girl, dressing in pink tutus or playing pretty princess like the other girls in her neighborhood. But she wasn't exactly one of the guys, either. She was somewhere in between. But with the forces of middle school, high school, parents, friendship, and romance pulling her this way and that, "the middle" wasn't exactly an easy place to be.

“Tomboy” follows award-winning author and artist Liz Prince through her early years and explores--with humor, honesty, and poignancy--what it means to "be a girl." (Summary and book cover courtesy of


This was a fantastic book that challenges traditional gender roles without being preachy.  The book is in the form of “slice-of-life” experiences the author experienced.  I consistently related, having grown up as a tomboy as well, and had many laugh-out-loud and “That’s exactly what happened to me!” moments as I read through.  I think my parents would laugh to see just how far another daughter went to avoid dresses.

Looking back, some of the conclusions seemed obvious to me, but I am also quite a bit removed from high school at this point.  As such, I think this book would be the most interesting for young tomboys who are still struggling with gender roles, but it certainly would speak to readers at any age.

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Tomboys of all ages, particularly those who are still not quite sure where they fit in.