The Barnes & Noble Guide to Children’s Books



Shopping for children’s books in a store and online doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience—even if you’re unsure of what you’re looking for. This illustrated guide willhelp you choose books that are appropriate for children of all ages, whether for your own family’s library or as gifts for others. And you can be sure that every book that’s recommended has been carefully vetted.

Organized by age, reading levels, and formats, the easy-to-browse chapters are filled with thoughtful reviews of the "best of the best" books within the following categories:

  • Newborn to two years
  • Picture books
  • Beginning readers
  • Chapter book series
  • Middle grade readers
  • Innovative formats
  • Fairy tales, folktales and anthologies
  • Poetry
  • Growing up experiences and new transitions/milestones
  • Nonfiction and reference

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This is a great reference guide for my mom being a new grandma.  We had a blast reading through and remembering which books we read together.  To keep the book interesting, there are some wonderful essays and commentary from famous authors interspersed in the collection.

I’d highly recommend this as a guide to anyone looking to buy books to children.  It provides a wonderful range of stories that will help kids shape what they do and do not like while still ensuring the books are fun enough to keep the reader engaged.  The books are listed by age so keep in mind that may mean you have to adjust if your reader is slightly ahead or behind their reading level!

Now if only my nephew was a little older so I could start reading some of these with him…

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Parents, grandparents, caregivers and anyone looking to find fantastic age-appropriate books for kids at different ages.