Quite Contrary



The secret of having an adventure is getting lost. Who ever visited an enchanted kingdom or fell into a fairy tale without wandering into the woods first? 

Well, Mary is lost. Mary is lost in the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and that is a cruel and murderous story. She's put on the red hood and met the Wolf. When she gives in to her Wolf's temptations, she will die. That's how the story goes, after all. 

Unfortunately for the story and unfortunately for the Wolf, this Little Red Riding Hood is Mary Stuart, and she is the most stubborn and contrary twelve year old the world has ever known. 

Forget the Wolf's temptations, forget the advice of the talking rat trying to save her - she will kick her way through every myth and fairy tale ever told until she finds a way to get out of this alive. Her own way: no one else's.  (Summary and book cover courtesy of goodreads.com)


For Halloween, this is a suitably creepy story for review!

This is a story about a precocious girl who disappears into a fairy tale due to pure stubbornness.  The premise of this book is unlike any other I have read.  The entire time I was slightly confused, but consistently intrigued.  It is a little like reading a “choose your adventure” novel with no control.  Most of all the reader cannot help, but admire Mary’s matter-of-fact approach to every challenge she faces.  In the end, I was rooting for Mary to defeat the wolf and face her demons.

Warning: Horror story

Rating: 3 stars!

Who should read it? Fans of creepy stories and willing to suspend disbelief for an alternative reality.