Picabo: Nothing to Hide



The compelling story of America's most loved Olympic champion.  "Since winning an Olympic silver medal in 1994, Street has been the most interesting personality in a sport desperately lacking for charisma. The story she tells is an entertaining portrait of her eccentricities, insecurities, mindboggling crashes, and triumphs."--Philip Hersh, Chicago Tribune

"Nothing to Hide "offers an interesting insight into the world of big-time ski racing."--John Meyer, Denver Post

"Once you read Street's new autobiography, you understand how she did it . . . even a fraction of her life would make for an interesting story."--David King, San Antonio Express-News

"Picabo: Nothing to Hide" is powerful, honest autobiography. Picabo Street shares her coming-of-age experience, revealing how adversity shaped a rebellious tomboy into a champion athlete and compassionate woman, in harmony with her family and at peace with her fear of failure.  (Summary and book cover courtesy of goodreads.com)


Growing up Picabo Street was my hero.  She was a strong, dominant female athlete in what was still a traditionally male-dominated sport.  This may make me biased, but I believe anyone who is a ski racing fan would find this biography fascinating.  It shows the inner workings of the ski culture and how much Picabo had to work through to find success.  

I have read this book about three times and each time I still find it fresh and interesting.  It is a great story of perseverance and ultimately, triumph.  I'd highly recommend it for all sporting fans and particularly those who are fans of winter sports.

Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it? All ski racing fans, winter Olympic fans and sports fans.