She Who Remembers



Kwani. A beautiful woman born in the American southwest into the long extinct Anasazi tribe, long before Columbus...whose blue eyes marked her as a witch and set her apart from the Indian tribe that raised her.

Following her path of destiny in a vanished world of great stone cities and trackless wilderness warring tribes and mysterious trabelers from other lands, Kwani found love with Kokopelli, the Toltec magician, who rescued her from death and took her to the Place of the Eagle Clan. There she was transformed from an outcast to the Chosen of the Gods, where she became She Who Remembers and taught young girls the ancient secrets only women know...secrets that provided her with inner power to overcome and triumph--and change her life forever.  (Summary and book cover courtesy of


This was a fantastic and engaging book that provides the context of the pueblo ruins in the southwest.  Mixing fiction, myth and fact, Schuler has certainly done her research to create a compelling tale.  Unlike some historical fiction, I never felt like I was receiving a dissertation, but rather the fact was cleverly woven into the story. 

I went to Mesa Verde two summers ago and I think one of the motivating factors was actually having read this series.  Iā€™d highly recommend it to anyone interested in visiting that part of the country.

Warning: Sexual content and some explicit moments.

Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it? Anyone with interest in the history of the southwestern United States or planning to travel there!