Girls With Slingshots (Vol. 1)



“Girls With Slingshots” debuted on October 1st 2004, both online and at SPX in Bethesda, MD. Since its humble beginnings as a twice-weekly black-and-white webcomic, it's become a self-sustaining color webcomic that updates five times a week, Monday through Friday.

The strip's two main characters, Hazel and Jamie, sprung to life in a strip called Hazelnuts, the unintentional prequel to GWS. The title was derived from requests Danielle used to get at comic convntions to draw girls with guns (she sucked at drawing guns, so she drew them with slingshots).

GWS has been collected into 7 books containing 200 strips each, which are available through TopatoCo. The strip is still fully lettered and inked by hand, on paper, and colored in Photoshop.  (Summary from Girls With Slingshots website and book cover courtesy of


There are a few webcomics that I frequently read and this is the one I look forward to the most.  In terms of artistry and storyline, I just cannot get enough.  The characters are extremely relatable and you will quickly fall in love with them.  I particularly enjoy that Corsetto manages to include real-life issues without getting too serious.  Occasionally there are a few fantasy elements *cough McPedro cough* and it only makes the stories more engaging. 

Sidenote: This webcomic is what inspired me to adopt my own cactus, Eduardo.

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Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it?  Anyone who enjoyed a long-term webcomic story.