The Devil's Panties (Part 1)


Running the register at a comic shop, waiting tables at a restaurant... this wasn't quite what Jennie had in mind after graduating with a shiny degree in Sequential Art(though it may have been what was in everyone else's). As life overwhelmed her and her drawing hand withered away, Jennie made a promise to herself to stay in practice by drawing a new comic every single day.

This first volume is a compilation of those comics. From dating and clubbing to trying to make it as an artist, follow along as Jennie chronicles her daily struggles, sorrows, joys and WTFs in life. (Summary and book cover courtesy of


Sometimes offensive, sometimes crude, but almost always hilarious I enjoy “The Devil’s Panties” webcomic and books.  The semi-autobiographical nature makes it easy for the reader to relate to Jen and bring out the geek in all of us.  When reading the comics, I feel like I’m listening to an old friend recounting the ridiculousness of previous years.

Warning: Some political commentary and may offend your parents.  Sorry mom and dad!

Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it? Comic fans and anyone interested in trying something new!

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